2nd LIFE CLINMED-FARM project meeting and visit to sudy case 2 (Turin)


The 2nd meeting of LIFE CLINMED-FARM project was carried out on October 19th in Turin (Italy). After a brief introduction, a technical overview of the project with its current status was described, thoroughly assessing the tasks already performed, in progress or pending. Next, each partner described the progress in the assigned tasks from the beginning of the project, including bottlenecks and solutions to the problems arisen, along with the work to develop in the near future. To finish the session, CITA summarizes the financial statement of the project and solved doubts related to financial issues. The activities to perform in 2023 were detailed.

The study case 2 in Cooperativa Speranza (Candiolo) was visited on October 20th. Vanzetti Holstein stuff explained the work developed in the farm from its beginnings, talking about its progress and milestones. UNITO described the techniques to measure gas emissions in the dairy farm, manure lagoon and crop plots. Furthermore, the “Heat shield” gasometric cover installed in the biogas plant 2 to reduce the dispersion of thermal energy was described. MICROPOWER showed the biogas plants 2 and 3 and explained in detail the absorption refrigeration system recently built in the company Soffieria Bertolini. Finally, the Soffieria Bertolini facilities were visited. There, high quality glass ampoules and vials are manufactured.

Here it is the link to the final agenda:
Agenda for the second LIFE CLINMED-FARM project meeting

LIFE CLINMED-FARM_2nd Project Meeting
LIFE CLINMED-FARM_Visit of study case 2_BP2
LIFE CLINMED-FARM_Visit of study case 2_ARS