The project LIFE CLINMED-Farm in Pint of Science 2023 (Zaragoza)


The last session of the Pint of Science 2023 took place yesterday. The LIFE CLINMED-Farm project participated in this event by presenting the cleaning robot for pig farms of the partner SEGALÉS at the Buenos Tiempos en el ROYALE bar in Zaragoza.

The SUCKER robot continuously extracts the slurry from the pits to take it to the storage areas before its fermentation begins. Using this robot:

  • The health and well-being of animals and workers are improved.
  • Slurry fermentation is avoided.
  • The pig farm sustainability is enhanced:
    • By reducing emissions inside the premises.
    • By minimizing water consumption for cleaning and energy consumption for forced ventilation in the farm.

You can find the presentation for the event in the Documents section and here: Presentation of LIFE CLINMED-Farm in Pint of Science 2023 (Zaragoza).

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Pint of Science 2023 (Zaragoza)