Online technical seminar for the presentation of the LIFE CLINMED-Farm project


On May 4, the first technical seminar took place in online format, in which all the partners of the LIFE CLINMED-Farm project presented the objectives and actions to be implemented in each of the two planned case studies. Furthermore, José Luis Gabriel, researcher at the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA), spoke about “Circular economy applied to the efficient use of nutrients in agriculture: nitrogen”. Salvador Calvet, researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, focused on the topic “Towards an adequate management of slurry integrated in livestock on a family farm scale”. Agustín del Prado, researcher of the BC3-IPCC, presented the work called “Emission reduction objectives in the livestock sector”. Finally, Guido Bezzi, from the Italian Biogas Consortium, spoke about the “Agroecological Transition and Mediterranean agriculture: the path to carbon agriculture”.