Flavia Dela Pierre participated in the AIIA 2024 conference


More than 280 researchers participated in the conference of the Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering (AIIA) held at the University of Padova, Italy, from June 17 to 19, 2024.

Among these researchers, the participation of Flavia Dela Pierre (UNITO) stands out, representing the LIFE CLINMED-Farm project. Flavia presented the work titled “Effect of a nitrapyrin-based nitrification inhibitor on yield and gaseous emissions from a maize-ryegrass rotation, fertilized with two slurry types”. This work focuses on investigating the impact of a nitrification inhibitor based on nitropyrine on the reduction of nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions and its effects on the yield of a maize-ryegrass rotation. Nitrous oxide emissions were measured using the closed static chamber technique and for ammonia passive ALPHA samplers were used, calculating the emission fluxes using a backward Lagrangian stochastic model.

You can find the presentation at the following link: AIIA 2024 – F. Dela Pierre.