1st Spanish Local Platform Meeting


Yesterday the 1st Spanish Local Platform Meeting of the LIFE CLINMED-Farm project was held. This platform, constituted by agents representing the public sector, private sector and civil society, has the collaboration of i+Porc to boost multidirectional transfer between the agricultural and bioenergy sectors, research and social and public agents, as well as transfer of the techniques demonstrated in the project and dissemination of the results achieved.

The day took place in three different sessions. In the first, which was open to the general public, the LIFE CLINMED-Farm and other demonstration projects on techniques and good practices for reducing emissions generated in slurry management were presented.

In the second session, different methods for estimating and measuring gas emissions from slurry management were presented (VERA protocols and experience at LIFE CLINMED-Farm). Likewise, the need to standardise and protocolise emissions measurement methods was discussed.

Lastly, the procedure to follow to include a technique in the list of best available techniques (BATs) was explained and the experience that both the livestock sector and the administration have had with the ECOGAN tool in its first two years of implementation was discussed. A discussion also took place on the current state of BAT implementation and on priority action strategies for the sector’s adoption of BATs and effective good practices.